From brass bars into faucets: This is how Spark faucets are made


The production of Spark faucets is a complicated process with multiple stages. 

 At Spark,The level of quality is controlled at every stage.Quality is our weapon to win the market.We will always produce high quality faucet & bathroom accessories . 




1.A solid core is made from fine sand and a hardening agent by heating in a core box machine.The core is a central part of the production process, as it forms water channels in the faucet body during casting.  



2.The most important ingredient in faucet production is brass, from which the faucet body is made by means of casting. Spark faucets are used to make the faucet is generally H59 or lead-free copper



3.During casting, The person responsible for casting places the cores inside the mould and removes any loose sand from the shell mould using compressed air. 




4.Molten brass flows into the shell moulds.The solid core maintains waterways open inside the mould 



5.CNC machining machine tools such as turning, milling, drilling, planing, grinding and boring are used to perform various cutting operations on the workpiece to achieve the required dimensional accuracy and shape position accuracy and to meet the requirements of the drawings. 



6. Brass faucet body molding



7.After the casting is polished and polished, the surface treatment of the casting is processed. The surface treatment process mainly includes PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), ORB (Oil Rubber Bronze), plating Plating, etc. The most widely used faucet is electroplating chromium. Electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of the faucet, increase the hardness, prevent wear and increase the appearance of the surface. 



8.The quality of the plating surface treatment can be judged by the 24-hour acetate spray test, and the coating thickness gauge can be used to identify the thickness of each metal coating. Generally speaking, the thickness of the coating is up to standard and the salt spray test can pass. Electroplating is a process of pollution and energy consumption. The general faucet production factory must hand the faucet to a professional electroplating factory for electroplating, which increases the production time and the difficulty of control.




9.After the casting of the faucet is electroplated and passed the inspection, it can enter the assembly process. Assembly is the process of connecting processed faucet parts in a certain order and technology to become a complete faucet product and reliably realize the function of product design. Assembly is at the final stage necessary for the manufacture of the product, and the quality of the product (from product design, part manufacturing to product assembly) is finally guaranteed and tested by assembly.


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